March 27, 2008

Beetroot Ghargis

Ghargi is a sweet dish made of pumpkin, wheat flour and jaggery. White pumpkin are rarely found in Indian stores, so I used munchkins (small orange coloured pumpkins) in the summer for making ghargi, but very soon the munchkins too were out of sight. I tried butternut squash ghargis. It tastes same as pumpkin. No difference at all. I started experimenting, i decided to try beetroot variation.Trust me gals, these are not bad at all.


2 cups grated beet(peeled)
2 cups powdered jaggery/sugar
1 tbsp clarified butter
wheat flour for binding
Oil for frying


1. Heat butter in a pan, add beet and cook for 10 mins.
2. Add jaggery and keep mixing till its dissolved and the mixture becomes sticky and thick. Turn off the heat and Allow it to come to the room temperature.
3. Combine this mixture with the wheat flour and knead into a thick and hard dough.Do not add water.
4. Divide the mixture into small equal portions.
5. Flatten each portion or give any desired shape and deep fry in the oil.

Ghargis Before frying

Ghargis after frying.

1. Add little rice flour along with wheat flour.This makes ghargis very crisp.

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