March 25, 2008


Menthe means "fenugreek seeds" and Hittu means "Powder". It is also called as Metkoot in Marathi. Its always better to have this powder at home. It can be used as a quick side dish for chapatis, rotis and rice. It has to be stored in a air tight container for many months.

1 tsp fenugreek seeds
8 tbsp chana dal
1 tbsp rice(i used sona masoori)
1 tbsp udid dal
2 tsp cumin seeds
6 curry leaves
1 tsp black pepper balls

1. Roast the above items individually without oil. set them aside and let them cool down.
2. Grind chana dal first and then add the other items in the grinder and make a fine powder.


1. It is slight bitter in taste, so add menthedhittu to hot rice and eat it with clarified butter and lime pickle. It is best for sick people when they are not allowed to eat spice. Kids like it too :D

2. You can also mix menthedhittu with yogurt, bit salt and temper it with oil, mustard seeds and asafetida. Beat it well. This can be served as a side dish with rotis/chapatis.

3. You can also prepare Tomato raita. Add menthedhittu to chopped tomatoes and onions(optional). Add bit salt, sugar and temper(optional) with mustard seeds, asafetida and urad dal. This is my favourite side dish for roti/chapatti. I have it without onions and tempering.

4. I add menthedhittu to Poha/masala poha if it becomes too oily, menthedhittu absorbs all the excess oil and make it look less oily and it definately enhances the taste.

5. Here's another quick snack :-
1 cup flatten rice
2 tsp oil
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp menthedhittu/dry chutney powder
salt n sugar
1 tbsp buttermilk

Mix all the above ingredients and serve. No need to heat it.